Firefly - Renegades

This figure is strongly based on the Resolute trooper body base for torso and legs.  The head and arms are newer.  The wrists are the improved swiveling wrists we have come to expect from Hasbro. 

The stockless modified AK is a very nice weapon and he can hold it well. 

His knife is scary and gigantic.  He appears ready for "wet-work" if it comes to that. 

Not sure what he is going to do with this bomb, but I'm sure something will blow up. 

Looks like he can drop behind some cover and "bloop frags" from afar. 

He has the detonator on speed dial.  That bomb is next to a VAMP.  Hope the motor pool is clear...



The detail on the figures sleeves and vest are amazing.  I recommend this figure. Probably 4.75 out of 5.  He could use bigger boots to help him stand up with his heavy vest. But that is pretty nit picky. Pick him up when you see him, or leave him on the pegs for others.  YOU make the call.  But he will go quickly...

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